Wednesday, June 4, 2008

June Blog Posts for Discussion

The deadline for participating in May's blogs is fast approaching. You have until June 15th at midnight to post two (2) constructive posts at a minimum to at least 4 blogs (Bottom line: post more if you want an A).

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Tanya O:

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Monday, May 12, 2008

May Blog Posts for Discussion

The deadline for participating in May's blogs is fast approaching. You have until June 1st at midnight to post two (2) constructive posts at a minimum (Bottom line: post more if you want an A).

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Mallory:Privacy Invasion: Stalkerazzi
Jennifer H.: Rehab Culture
Jennifer G.: TBA
Saara: Real Arabs - Myth & Reality
Sonya:Computers Make You Smarter?

Harp: Identity Theft
Payola: Mariah Carey & The Music Industry
Nick: News Coverage of the Polygamist Cult

Marked out of 30 - DUE JUNE 1st! No extensions will be granted.
JUNE'S Blogs start May 25th!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Harajuku Girls: Exploitation or Adaptation?

The release of Stefani's first solo album brought attention to her entourage of four Harajuku Girls. They were named for the area around the Harajuku Station of Tokyo, Japan, known as a popular shopping destination and fashion center for teenagers. They were featured in her music videos, press coverage and on the album cover for Love. Angel. Music. Baby., and have a song dedicated to them on the album. They were also featured in, and the namesake for, Stefani's successful Harajuku Lovers Tour 2005. However, Stefani's adoption of this Japanese culture component drew criticism from Mihi Ahn of, who commented, "she's swallowed a subversive youth culture in Japan and barfed up another image of submissive giggling Asian women".[13]

According to the Jan/Feb 2006 edition of Blender magazine, stand-up comic Margaret Cho has labeled the Harajuku Girls as a "minstrel show" that reinforces ethnic stereotypes of Asian women. The Harajuku Girls have since continued to appear alongside Stefani within the media, and are featured in the music video for "Wind It Up" (2006).


The fight continues
It's been a while since I've updated this blog, and I guess I secretly hoped that maybe Gwen would tire of this whole harajuku thing and the G4 would have faded away into history as a weird cultural footnote.Silly me — it would seem that this debate is alive as ever (thanks for staying vigilant, angryasianman):


"Harajuku Girls," Margaret Cho's blog
"Margaret Cho's not laughing about Gwen's Harajuku Girls," Popwatch blog, Entertainment Weekly


Is Stefani adapting Japanese culture to fit into North American popular culture, or is she exploiting these girls for her own commercial gain? Is she showcasing this Japanese sub-culture or reinforcing ethnic stereotypes?

Monday, February 18, 2008

"Hey! Hey! You! You!" - The Case of Avril Lavigne

We have been discussing the finer points of copyright in class and, as I hope you see, it is very important and a very real concern in today's technological environment of new media. You have heard the two songs in class and now you can watch / listen to this montage that I found on YouTube. Read the articles posted on Homework Hero and duplicated here and come up with your own opinion. As always, refer to the specific aspects of the case in your response and engage with your peers in discussion. Sharing ideas with the class here will add depth to your own reflection and, ultimately, will make you more successful.

Required Readings for the Copyright Case Study
Jamelia Case Study Reading
Avril Lavigne Plagiarism Case
Avril Denies Plagiarism Case
Avril's Case and the Lawyers
Chantal Says She is Sorry
Chantal Retracts Her Criticism

NEW! Settlement reached in Avril Lavigne 'Girlfriend' lawsuit

Another Great Article with Some Interesting Statistics

After you post about the Avril / Rubinoos situation, do some research and find a copyright infringement case that we have not discussed in class. Post it here. It doesn''t have to be music related (but there are a lot of examples here), just something relatively high profile. Be sure to state the facts of the case, provide links (embed YouTube clips for us all to compare), and provide your own opinions based on your specific knowledge of the Copyright Act and the effect that infringement has on both the artist, and on the public as a whole.

  1. Brief posts will not count or be considered, but well thought-out and supported posts will be evaluated using your threaded discussion rubric!
  2. You MUST post a comment on Avril's case as discussed in class and in your readings AND on something else of your own research! References in MLA format are required (try the citation engine at the bottom of Homework Hero).

The Journey to Media Literacy

Welcome to the blog for Mr. Puley's 2008 Media Studies class at OP!

To fully understand the wonderful world of media, it is crucial that we discuss what we are exposed to. Continually ask yourself how someone else would interpret a media product and then consider what factors determine that interpretation.

The understanding of media grows exponentially with discussion and that is what this blog is for. We are NOT bashing media, or each other. Stay on topic and post comments, considerations, and criticisms to the material presented and help yourself and your fellow students to grow!

Let the journey begin!
Check out Semester One's Blog at the following link for ideas and direction!